I’m new to Yoga, or just getting back to my practice so where should I begin? 
At Root, we offer a variety of styles and levels so there is a class for everyone. We suggest you ask yourself what you looking for from your practice, then read the class descriptions. If you are still unsure, ask Mimi by emailing or phoning and she can probably point you in the right direction. Just because you are “new” to yoga doesn’t necessarily mean you will need the least challenging class (or vice versa YO!). 

How long till my Class Card expires?
5 Class Cards expire in 3 Months
10 Class Cards expire in 6 Months

If you have an issue, let Mimi know. She will make the adjustment. 

Can I pay for a friend on my Class Card?
We love your spirit of generosity but unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that with our MindBody software so we ask that if it’s a one time thing, please don’t make us go through the steps. If you are a couple, or a parent/child relationship, we can set that up, no problem.  Thank you!

What happens if I cancel or don't show? NP. If you signed up online we will cancel you for the class and your purchase is good for 14 days. If you own a Class Card, it goes back on your card. 

What if I’m late?
Everyone runs behind now and then. Five minutes is fine but please don’t make a habit. We want everyone to be comfortable in class and will make room!

I have to leave before class ends (and miss out on savasana). What should I do? Please see the teacher before class and explain, take a spot near the door so you won't disturb the class when you make your exit, and try to find time later in your day to finish off your practice with those 5 minutes of quiet. Savasana is considered the most difficult and most advanced of all poses. Don't cheat yourself out after all your hard work!

What should I wear?
It is recommended you wear something comfortable but sensible. If you are coming to a Back Care class, for instance, it is helpful for the teacher to see your back. If you are coming to a Vinyasa class you may want to wear something that moves with you. If you are coming to a Yin or Restorative class, you may want to wear something that doesn’t bind you. 

Do I need to bring my own mat for classes taught at the Ropes Wall? No, we provide sticky mats for all Back Care and Alignment classes. For all other classes we have a few mats to borrow if you forgot yours at home or are visiting from out of town.

Do you sell water? No, but we have water on tap if you bring your own bottle. At Root we take the environment seriously and believe in shrinking our footprint on this Planet. Every little bit can make a change. 

I need a Handicap friendly facility, can you provide access? Yes, Root is handicap accessible, including the restrooms.