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Thai Yoga Partner Massage Workshop with David Roma

 Sunday, February 11, 2 - 4 PM  $25 Per Person

Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing; all without doing a thing. Ah, this is the bliss of a Thai yoga massage, an ancient healing art that is said to date back to the time of the Buddha. Thai massage can feel like a nurturing, effortless yoga practice in which your partner moves your body in and out of postures, enticing your muscles into the gentle stretches and your mind into a deep relaxation. 

Thai Yoga Partner Massage is assisted stretching, rhythmic compression, targeting marmas (chakra points) and energy lines within the body, reflexology, acupressure and energy work. The intention of the Thai Yoga session is to promote physical and spiritual wellness. No prior experience with either yoga or massage is required. 

David Roma is an accomplished Thai Yoga Therapist and will be leading you through this hands-on class. Bring a friend or be paired to up to learn the ancient healing art of Thai Yoga. 

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