"I have lived with the discomfort of scoliosis for over thirty years and pursued countless avenues for help during that time. Injections, medications, surgeries, therapists; too many doctors to count.  My condition just seemed to be spiraling downward and the pain was becoming debilitating. Minor daily activities, like taking short walks or standing up or exiting a car were becoming merely impossible tasks. 
Luckily I found Mimi Brainard at Root Yoga Studio. Mimi has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and the interconnection of form and function. She leads you through specific sequences of poses, each building to the next and modified to your spinal issues. I cannot begin to describe the benefits I have gained in a short amount of time from Mimi’s class. While stretching and toning within two sessions my pain levels dropped dramatically. Incredibly, I consistently can easily exit a car standing straight up and free of back pain. Walking and hiking is not an issue. Mimi has taught me to incorporate skills from our lessons into my everyday activities. 
If you have back problems, any pain, or just want to feel your best, I strongly urge you to visit Mimi at Root Yoga. Be prepared to be challenged physically. Be prepared to be challenged mentally. And best of all, be prepared to feel better!" - Sue D.